College Student Toolbox for Journalism & Media


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Mobile reporting field guide for college reporters

Mobile Field Reporting Guide

A comprehensive guide for student journalists on mobile reporting. While the guide is geared to the iPhone, many of the apps and equipment can be utilized on any smartphone. A great tool considering many journalism schools don’t touch this subject.


Digital Terms for Journalists

Much of what journalists do in their day-to-day duties involves working with digital and web products. Poynter enlisted the help of one of their former board members to compile a list of digital terms for journalists. The 10 page list covers everything from the social media basics to advanced programming terms.

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Sample Resumes

Resume samples that provide journalism and media students with examples, formats and layouts to apply for internships, scholarships or their first job.

Writing for tv news, broadcast journalism students

Writing and Language Tips for TV News

Student’s often have a problem focusing when writing for broadcast. This tip sheet will help students keep their writing clear and accurate.

cover letter

Sample Cover Letters for Journalism & Specific Tips

The cover letter is your way of grabbing the attention of the internship coordinator. It allows you another opportunity to stand out from other applicants and show you will be a good fit for their team.

Questions students will be asked on an interview
how to write a feature profile college journalism

How to write a feature profile story for college reporters

Many students believe that when writing or shooting a feature profile that the only source they need is the subject the story is about. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Find out how to write an outstanding story that you can include in your portfolio.