hispanic college students reading a newspaper

The Venture


Real-world reporting experience for students

Our student reporters rarely cover campus news and events. These types of stories do not allow the student to cultivate their media skills and journalism competencies as needed to land a full-time job after graduation. In order to make them more competitive in the job market and to diversity their demo reel/portfolio, EGMN reporters mainly cover community news and professional sports in a multimedia format.

The Venture serves the Latino community as a source of innovation and to establish the first great collegiate Hispanic media brand. As a nonprofit organization, we are independent of any college or university to ensure our reporters have maximum freedom to investigate any story/issue they deem newsworthy.

We cover a wide array of topics that affect the collegiate Hispanic community including education, immigration, technology, politics, entertainment, local sports and more. Our staff combines top tier journalism with new technology and the power of social media.

Initial launch

In April of 2010 senior print journalism major Giselle Bueno, led a multifunctional team to create a bilingual collegiate newspaper, The Venture. Since then, our publication has printed monthly during the academic year. As we approach the two year anniversary of its founding, The Venture has become the longest running collegiate newspaper aimed at Hispanics in Texas.


Theventureonline.com is the online version of our print newspaper. Through our online publication, we are able to provide instantaneous updates and coverage to our readers. We are also able to provide a multimedia experience not possible with print.

Getting Great Results

Our print circulation of 4,000 is the largest of any collegiate newspaper aimed at Hispanics. The newspaper is distributed at four different colleges and universities in the Houston area. We have the widest reach of ANY collegiate newspaper in Houston.

Web & Social Media Sensation

Theventureonline.com averages over 50,000+ page views a month, and has seen continual growth since it’s launch in summer 2011. Our original content such as Latino and Muslim: A growing minority, often becomes web sensations by garnering hundreds of Facebook likes. The Venture fan page has over 400 fans which we engage with to ensure our content stays dynamic.