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Thanks for your interest in working with EGMN. Over the next year, we are looking for motivated high school and college students interested in journalism, photography, filmmaking and media production to join our team and become the voice of the next generation.

We provide growth opportunities and a work environment that fosters your creativity and leadership. We’re currently looking for passionate new team members that are looking to reach their full potential and contribute to EGMN’s success.

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Please take the time to fill out the application below. We will be in contact with you if you become a candidate for one of our positions.

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  • Individualized Development Plans:
    By assessing your skills, we ensure readiness for the next stage in your career progression.
  • Growing Alumni Network:
    Tap into our alumni network to connect with others in the media and find the latest opportunities.
  • Professional Level Hands-on Experience:
    EGMN provides the opportunity for you to gain multimedia experience in all facets of the indusry.
  • English and/or Spanish Media:
    We are the preimere organization for students to gain resume building experience in both languages.
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