Maria Mendoza interviews Crystal Ayala

What I learned interviewing Crystal Ayala, Telemundo anchor

The career that I have chosen is journalism broadcasting. I interviewed with Crystal Ayala, a news anchor at Telemundo.

I contacted her through Facebook and asked if I could interview her for a career planning class to discuss the field I want to pursue. After she agreed, I was excited yet nervous.

I asked a series of questions about her jobs including the different types of requirements and how the work environment is.

For her position as a news anchor, you have to have years of experience as a reporter. You need to know the basics:

  • going out in the streets and covering a story
  • where to find information
  • how to interview people,
  • how to post a story
  • how to write the story after you go through the different reporting phases

After you master these skills, management will consider you as an anchor.

Room for growth

Everyday there is a different story regarding breaking news like when the Houston Astros won the World Series,  and the newscast had to go on air from 10:00pm until after midnight reporting on what the reporters were experiencing.

From the coverage you are assigned you develop your abilities to be able to give more information and to grow as a professional.

Typical day

At 1:30 pm Ayala gets to the station, and they do her makeup and hair most of the time.  Two days of the week she does it on her own. Then she goes through the rundown of all the stories. Some of the stories are already going to be written, but she has to make sure what the producers and writers want her to say are precisely in Spanish what the original information is saying.

When going through the story rundown is finished, Ayala writes her own stories and goes on air from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

After the 5:30 pm newscasts they have a meeting with all the team to discuss what went wrong,  and then she gets ready for the 10:00 pm show.

Unexpected challenges

Breaking news is always surprising. You have to be prepared to inform when you’re not an expert in a specific field. Telemundo is a station that broadcasts a lot of breaking news.

There may be days which the news is sports related such as the Astros win or on another day it may be a massacre or disaster.

You have to be prepared every day to read all the news and inform the viewers of all aspects of politics locally or nationally. You must be able to report in case something big happens and you may have to improvise.


I was very astonished at what I learned goes into the typical day of an anchor. It made me realize that I still want to continue this career path. I find it motivating that anchors and reporters are getting all this important information out to the public. I am very thankful I met with Crystal Ayala.  She made me more inspired to reach my goals. One day I hope to be a news anchor or maybe a TV host. I can see already that there’s still a lot I have to learn, and I am willing to work hard.