List of content formats for media students

Students that are just starting out in communications and journalism often have a hard time coming up with ways to produce content for their portfolio. Below is a list of content formats that students can produce to gain experience in the field and begin their portfolio.

Ideally, students will create these various pieces of content for a campus publication, internships or of course for EGMN’s The Venture. If none of these opportunities are available, the student shouldn’t stress out. Creating a personal blog is a great way to produce content in a way that is low-pressure and fun. Students can even contribute to a friend’s blog. Any blogging platform (e.g. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger) will do to get you started.

Once the content is created and posted, sharing the content across social media platforms is a critical part of a student’s development and experience. Social media acumen is a must for media and communication companies when they recruit. Consistently using social media to promote content will teach students how to build and engage an audience while fine tuning their ability to create compelling content.

Types of content for media students

Graphic Courtesy HubSpot