Real example cover letter for reporter position at a law blog

One of my former students recently landed a reporting job for a law blog. Even though the student didn’t have any previous experience blogging about legal matters, she emphasized her reporting strengths and past experiences in digital journalism that would make a good fit for the position. She landed the job, and is currently using it to put herself through grad school.

Ray Ruiz

Hiring Manager
Seattle, Washington

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a reporter who has covered crime and civil trials for major newspapers, I can be an asset to LexBlog as a reporter.

I have the traditional newsroom experience that suggests me for this job. Even though my experience is largely as a general assignments reporter, I have a good understanding of the legal system having covered the Hans Reiser civil trial for the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News, and curating legal updates for the Houston Chronicle’s crime blog.

With my background in interviewing and researching for professional news organizations, I can easily change my writing style to fit the voice of LexBlog. I am also well versed in AP Style having also worked as a copy editor.

What also recommends me for this position is my understanding of social media. Since I use every major social networking platform in my personal and professional life, I look forward to passing on my best practices to LexBlog if chosen for this position. Not only do I hope to grow LexBlog’s social following in this role, but I will use my social metrics background to better understand your audience and what is important to them.

As a Master’s of Communication in Digital Media student at the University of Washington, I hope to apply my in-class knowledge to this position to expand LexBlog’s digital presence.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate. My reporting clips can be found at


Graduate Student Reporter