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The successful internship interview: Six quick tips for college students

student interview internship university collegeCongratulations! You have your foot in the door and have proved you meet the employer’s qualifications and possess the desired skills — at least on paper.   The interview is your opportunity to showcase your skills and prove that you’re the ideal candidate for the job.

A few tips for a successful interview:

1.    Be confident — greet everyone with a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact. Remember,  you are a guest, so treat everyone with courtesy – this includes the receptionist.

2.    Represent the company and yourself — dress professionally and demonstrate strong communication skills. This shows that you will be a good fit into the company’s culture.

3.    Know the company’s mission and the job description – do your research so you can speak intelligently during your interview.

4.    Know yourself — identify your key strengths and skills relative to the position. Be prepared to discuss your past experience and how it will be beneficial to your prospect.

5.    Be positive — no one wants to hire a complainer or worrier.   Keep your words and demeanor positive and professional.

6.    Be the perfect fit – Study the corporate culture and values of your prospective employer.  Do you share these values? Be prepared to prove it.


tips for college student successful job interviewCynthia has over ten years of experience as an employment counselor improving workforce development opportunities within the Texas Workforce Commission agency and is currently a career counselor for the University of Houston – College of Technology. In April 2007, Mrs. Olmedo founded Initiatives for All (IFA), a non-profit organization that guides individuals in their pursuit of a college degree. Her life is dedicated to helping others achieve their academic and career goals.